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The volume, variety and velocity of health information is overwhelming, and the need for better understanding has never been greater.

Healthcare is complicated. It’s personal. It’s scientific. It’s economic. It’s political. All things at once, and at times, all things pulling against each other.

Using healthcare data and information more creatively and effectively to drive efficiency and quality can release billions of dollars in value every year.

Stori Health helps healthcare companies and health systems improve learning velocity — helping people move faster from data and information to understanding and action. Through tangible strategy and memorable narratives, we help improve patient experience, bring more joy to healthcare work, and save precious time, talent and dollars.

We believe better stories can lead to better outcomes, improve lives and increase value.

Our process starts with a conversation.

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Listening & Learning

We’ve spent years conducting and consuming research — interviewing, collecting data, reviewing decks, and eating M&M’s behind the mirrored glass. We build a custom plan that combines real-world insights with the rigor of academic research to fuel value-focused thinking and programming.

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Story Building

We use the power of cross-functional teams aimed and organized to think, solve, and implement ideas that enhance the patient experience in ways that traditional brand messaging can never achieve. The Story embodies the strategy to elevate the impact of the content beyond traditional messaging approaches.

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Platform Design

Communication isn’t a theory; it’s action aimed at causing reaction! Our research and story building come to life through design thinking that emphasizes action, learning and iteration over exhaustive planning.

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